How to Get the Perfect Fitting Bra

When was the last time you had your bra fitted professionally? When trying on bras, it’s essential they offer the perfect fit to offer optimum support and comfort (and of course to look stunning). Our bra fitting guide explains how to make sure your bra is the perfect match, although of course, it’s always better to meet us so we can guarantee the best fit for your body shape. If you’re looking for a guide on finding your bra size during and after pregnancy, click here!

How to Check Your Bra Fits

Use our quick guide to ensure you’re wearing a bra that fits comfortably! To learn how to measure your bra size at home, scroll down.

Woman wearing a white brassiere isolated on a gray background
  1. Underband
    The underband, which circles right around the bra should always be flat and straight against your back and the front of the bra. However, it shouldn’t be too tight, with enough space to fit two fingers underneath comfortably.
  2. Wires
    The wires at the front of the bra, which border your breasts, should be flat against your breastbone, from top to bottom and all the way around the bottom of the breast to provide satisfactory support.
  3. Cups
    The cups should fully enclose both breasts, with no ripples or extra fabric. They should lie flat at the top of the bra to ensure there are no lines under clothes.
  4. Straps
    The bra straps should be flat the entire way over your shoulder. The wiring and underband should provide most of the support for your breasts, so if you loosen them, your bra should still stay in position.

How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home

At Coco-Boo we offer a specialised fit-by-sight service ensuring you are wearing the right bra for your breast size and shape. However, this guide will help you to be able to measure yourselves at home if you cannot get a professional fitting:

Here is what you need to measure your bra size:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and Paper
  • A mirror to stand in front of
  • Wear a non-padded bra that reflects your true breast shape

Step 1: Back/Band Measurement

Place the measuring tape around your back and under your breasts. Using the mirror, check the tape is parallel to the floor along your back as well as under your breasts. The tape should be snug around your body without any fingers underneath the tape. Refer to the chart below to find your band size.

Back/Band Bra Measurement Guide

Step 2: Cup Size Measurement

Measure over your nipple area, around the fullest part of your breasts. (This will be a looser measurement than the more snug back measurement.) Hold both ends of the tape with one hand and use your free hand to press the measuring tape firmly in between your breasts to your chest to get an accurate result.

Step 3: Calculate Your Bra Size

Subtract the back/band measurement (cm) from the cup size measurement (cm). Use the ‘difference’ (of centimetres) column in our graphic below to determine your cup size.

  • Band Measurement is 70cm = 32 back
  • Bust Measurement is 95cm
  • 95 – 70 = 25 (this give you a cup size E)
  • Your bra bra size is 32E.

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